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Virginia is for Gamers.

I am now a resident of the beautiful City of Staunton, VA! Our move went about as smoothly as could be hoped for. My Volvo is making a slight whining noise which is concerning. But, on the positive side: people here are ridiculously friendly, and I haven't seen anyone picking through our garbage (how novel!).

My job situation is still uncertain. It looks like I may be doing remote-access work for my previous employer, but things are still up in the air.

Now, on to what really matters: Treasure Adventure Game. I started a long over-due spread sheet to track bugs.


The bug count started out at 161 but I've already dwindled it down to 72. (And to be honest, these are not all bugs, some were things I left intentionality unfinished due to laziness). There's not a single thing on the list that in unexplainable, which is also very reassuring.


In music news: I believe TAG is now up to around 20 original tracks, all from the talented Robbie Ellis (follow him on Twitter). He's currently working on a track for the factory - think 16-bit SNES music meets heavy metal guitar.

Until my job situation figures itself out I'm trying to use my extra free-time to get TAG as far along as I can. I'm still optimistic that a end of August release is possible. The game has been getting some positive internet hype lately (which I'll talk about in the next post), and I really don't want to disappoint by having to delay the release.