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And Onward!

I've been meaning to write a post-mortem for Treasure Adventure Game. I keep putting it off because I find the idea of putting all the things I've learned, experienced and observed into words to be a daunting task. Today I was interviewed by Josh Mathews (@GamingFTL) (which will be available soon on YouTube). In that format I found that I had no shortage of things to say about my experiences during TAG's creation. I'm looking forward to the fans of TAG getting to hear it. It also has made me think about the idea of using audio (maybe video) as a way of keeping in touch with fans and followers as I develop games in the future.

Speaking of future projects. After spending some time with Construct 2 (which is a phenomenal no-programming 2D game-development platform) I've started developing an asteroids style space shooter game. It currently has no title. It uses Construct's built in physics engine which has really sped up the basic game play mechanics. I'm having a lot of fun with it, so far. I've already developed some convicing enemy AI that I'm really happy with. I think you can expect to see this turn into a full-fledged game. Like TAG, I'm hoping to give it a lot of depth, a good story, and quirky characters.

Here's a teaser screen shot:

I'll let you know when the interview is available and I'm also going to consider doing my own podcast/videocast sometime soon. Let me know what you think about that idea.