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Where does the time go?

TAG is still coming along nicely. So nicely, in fact, I think I finally know when this project is going to be finished. I therefore present you:

My intention is to have this game released by August 31, 2011 (yes I'm really pushing "summer" to the limit). All I have left at this point is adding the rest of the content (about 10% left), script the rest of the game events (about 30% left), tighten up and add more dialog, figure out how the game is going to end, re-do all the code for the music, some playtesting (I'll be inquiring about help on that on the forums) and probably more stuff I'm forgetting.

Here's some other random stuff I want to show you. So, because I have an in-game clock that changes game from day to night I realized that meant I also had to give all the NPCs in the game some sort of schedule as well. It would be odd if an NPC walked back and forth outside their house all day and night, wouldn't it? So.. I had to come up with an easy way to move NPCs around depending on what time a day it is. Instead of doing that, I found a really hard way:

This is a schedule for a bunch of the NPCs in the game. I used this as a guide for coding their movement. Some NPCs goto a job during the day, go home at night, or wander around outside.



Progress on TAG is still coming along nicely. This past week I've designed, laid-out and coded a good portion of the last big island in the game. It's a rain forest/ jungle themed island complete with monkeys and waterfalls.

My friend Rob has been pumping out more great tracks. It looks like a huge portion of the game's soundtrack will be original.

I made a couple key game design choices that I had been struggling with. Although I gave up one of the major elements that has inspired me to make the game in the first place, I realize that it is for the better. The game-play is slightly more linear but it's going to make it a much more enjoyable experience for the player.

I've also added weather (rain/snow) to the game. There is a random chance of a thunderstorm, and the wind affects the direction of the rain.

I'll try to post again soon. In the meantime, more screen shots:


Still digging...

Sorry for the huge lack of updates. I could blame it on laziness but I prefer to say that I want to spend every possible free minute working on the game instead of typing stuff on the interwebs.

The good news is that that is mostly true. Even with the new job and moving to a new apartment I've been putting a ton of time into Treasure Adventure Game. I'm raising the Project Progress percent to 65%, and that's being conservative.

I've been working on TAG for nearly two years but the end in sight. Best prediction is that the game will be finished in August 2011.

Here's an updated list of what the final game will have to offer:

  • Huge non-linear world
  • Real-time clock - day and night, calendar based on moon phases
  • NPCs have schedules depending on time and day.
  • Total overworld size: 45,000 x 12,320 pixels
  • At least 18 islands to explore
  • Ability to dive anywhere and explore the ocean depths.
  • Use lock-picks to break into doors and open chests
  • Real time weather - rain, wind, snow
  • 12 artifact treasures to discover
  • 18 maps to find and use to locate treasure
  • 12 usable items to find - shovel, cannon, compass etc.
  • 6 wearable hats
  • 6 hearts to increase max-health
  • 24 different baddies (so far)
  • 63 NPCs (so far)
  • Original music score
  • Story line with many mysteries to discover



Original Music!


I met a great local musician, Robbie Ellis, who was looking for to work on some video game music and offered to work with me on TAG. So far the stuff he's pumped out has been exactly what I was looking for. He completley gets where I'm going with this game and his contributions are unimaginably appreciated. Not sure if he's going to be doing all the music for the game but at least a portion of the game's score will be original. Here's are two of the tracks he's done so far:

Overworld 3 Mix: