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Treasure Adventure Game Forum > Sequence Breaking, many things before Treasure 1 (spoilers!)

Hello, this is my first post.

If you like seqence breaking from old games, you will like this. Although difficult at the beginning, it is possible to get many things even before the first treasure. I'm not sure how many, but I will post my most important achievents. Of course, they contain spoilers, so be warned.

First of all, it is possible to get Throwing Hook without the Lockpick Kit (but that's just the beginning). After picking up the shovel, it's good to get 2 additional hearts (from the sewers and the cave with Throwing Hook). Now it's the most difficult part. Try to jump through the flames to reach the chest with this upgrade, collect it, jump back and survive. Usually, the flames will bounce you back (and kill you), but with luck and practice (maybe proper timing with jumps), you may pass them and this operaction can be done.

Taking the hook opens most islands (and taking the bottle and the cannon opens all), but also leads to minor dialogue glitches (e. g. parrot does not talk on some screens, Baggus doesn't talk in the museum). There are more strange things - First Pirate cutscene can be skipped entirely and collecting the Key Card from Tony Ward's Office automatically gives you the Lockpick Kit. I think there are more possibilities - maybe Treasure 1 can be collected last? Try it yourself!

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